Project Community Manager
(OA Book Usage Data Trust and PALOMERA)

Ursula Rabar

As the Project Community Manager, Ursula develops and manages global engagement strategies for diverse stakeholder groups; facilitating virtual and in-person community consultation sessions; and feedback-gathering mechanisms. She is currently part of the OA Book Usage Data Trust and PALOMERA projects. With her background in languages and literature, Ursula has worked in the publishing industry for almost 7 years in various roles from content commissioning to foreign rights and sales. This has opened the doors to the scholarly communications world and Open Access. She strongly believes in open science and the power of the community. 

Open Science Project Officer (Skills4EOSC and DIAMAS)

Irakleitos Souyioultzoglou

As the Open Science Project Officer, Irakleitos participates in EU-funded projects supporting Open Science best practices (Skills4EOSC), and a sustainable scholarly communication ecosystem (DIAMAS). Irakleitos holds a PhD in Social Anthropology and has experience in the implementation of projects focusing on the development of digital infrastructures and the introduction of open research practices in the Social Sciences and Humanities. 

Open Science Project Officer (DIAMAS)

Sona Arasteh
Sona Lisa Arasteh-Roodsary sona.arasteh[a]

As Open Science Project Officer in the DIAMAS project, Sona helps to create a sustainable scholarly communication ecosystem for OPERAS. At the same time Sona is in the position of the Communication Officer for the CRAFT-OA project on behalf of the Max Weber Foundation. Thereby strongly involved in DIAMAS and CRAFT-OA simultaneously, Sona is eager to help enhance project synergies. Sona has earned her PhD in German philology. She worked as an editor and researcher for several years before joining Max Weber Foundation and the TRIPLE project as a Communication officer. Experiencing academia from multiple angles has led her to become a passionate advocate for Open Science.

Project Manager (Translations & OpenScience project)

Chloé Lebon

As Project Manager for the Translations & Open Science project, Chloé ensures the daily management of the project. Its objective is to lay the foundations for a specialised translation service dedicated to the scientific community and its stakeholders. Chloé has worked within several research infrastructures (OpenEdition CNRS, IRD, OPERAS) and in relation with many public actors (research ministries, European Commission, embassy). These experiences give her a thorough knowledge of the stakes related to research and projects involving public actors.

Scientific Coordinator (Translations & OpenScience project)

Susanna Fiorinni

As the Scientific Coordinator for the Translations and Open Science project, which aims to explore the possibilities offered by translation technologies to foster multilingualism in scholarly communication, Susanna Fiorini provides scientific guidance in order to implement the current actions and shape the project’s future perspectives. Susanna is a translator and consultant in translation technology for research and international organisations. She has been coordinating the Translations and Open Science project since 2020, funded by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research and the French Ministry of Culture.