Academic books are an important mode of publication for scholars in many research communities, especially in the Social Sciences and Humanities. The idea of creating a Funder Forum surfaced when several European research funders (including FWF, SNSF, NWO, UKRI, DFG, ERC and the EC) participated in a workshop on OA books in October 2021 organised by OAPEN. A common interest was expressed to have OAPEN coordinate a forum where research funders can convene to discuss OA books. As scientific coordinator of the PALOMERA Project, it now makes sense to install this forum, also using it to address OA book policymaking across Europe, which is diverse and not yet widespread. The Funder Forum should be inclusive and open to all research funders, including those beyond the European Research Area.

The Funder Forum will facilitate the exchange of practices and experiences between research funders about policies designed to promote Open Access of academic books, and – where possible – align such policies and practices. It will explore ways to deal with challenges and obstacles identified by the participants collaboratively.

Please find the agenda for the next Funder Forum meeting below.


Funder Forum 2nd meeting
Monday 20 November 2023
15h00 – 17h30 (CET)

1. Welcome, tour de table, and introduction to the programme (10 min.)

2. Funder presentations focusing on implementation and monitoring (40 min.)

a. Austrian Science Fund

b. Norwegian Research Council



3. OAPEN presentation on infrastructures supporting funders (15 min)

Coffee break 

4. Moderated group discussions inspired by the presentations (30 min.)

5. Plenary session – feedback from the group discussions (30 min.) 

6. Next steps (10 min.)

7. Close of meeting

If you are a funder and interested in participating in the Funder Forum, please contact Niels Stern at stern[at]