December 3, 2021 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm Europe/Brussels Timezone

OPERAS Reviewathon of the Special Interest Groups White Papers: Workshop Series

Special Interest Groups are the place where new initiatives, new discussions take place and emerge. They work collaboratively, share information, watch, and prepare projects. The SIGs have recently published White Papers on their topics. Check here to learn more about the Living Book.

OPERAS organized a series of workshops to continue this conversation. The sessions will take place in three non-consecutive days during lunch time.

During the sessions, the participants:

  • will get to know more about the work done by each of the Special Interest Groups (see program below);
  • will learn how to get involved with the collaborative post review process – the Reviewathon.

The workshops will take place in three days at lunch time. All session times are Central European Time (CET).

Virtual venue (Zoom). Register here.

Day 3: Monday, 6 December 

12:00–12:30 CET: Tools Research & Development

This session will provide an analysis of the tools landscape, identify emerging trends, and list areas for potential improvement, development, and collaboration.

Speaker: Arnaud GIngold (OpenEdition)

Bio: Arnaud ensures data consistency and the application of the FAIR principles throughout OPERAS. With a dual background in linguistics and digital resources management, he started working in university libraries and was a digital curator for a CNRS Open Archive. He joined OPERAS in 2016 as a Technical Coordinator for the related HIRMEOS project and is based at OpenEdition in Marseille, France. Arnaud is also project manager for CO-OPERAS.

12:30–13:00 CET: Common Standards and FAIR Principles

The goal of this session will be to discuss the recent developments in the transition to the open science paradigm and the complementary roles of key stakeholders in this process such as research funding agencies, research institutions, infrastructure providers and researchers, while highlighting the role of standards.

Speaker: Marina Angelaki (National Documentation Center, EKT)

Bio: Marina Angelaki joined the National Documentation Centre (EKT) as a Research Associate and is working on EU funded project focusing on open scholarly communication, open access/science policies, the gender dimension of open science and open innovation. She has been involved in the following projects: OPERAS-D, HIRMEOS, OPERAS-P, TRIPLE, OpenAIRE, PASTEUR4OA, RECODE.

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OPERAS Reviewathon of the Special Interest Groups White Papers: Tools Research & Development and Common Standards and FAIR Principles