OPERAS Services

OPERAS is currently in its preparation phase, developing a catalog of different scholarly communication services at European level, addressing the specific needs of the research community identified in the previous Horizon 2020 EU OPERAS projects OPERAS-D and HIRMEOS.

Despite their diversity, OPERAS’ services are designed according to the same pattern that originates in its overall mission of federation: they pool, aggregate, or federate existing resources from across Europe to deliver to European researchers a single access point from where they can benefit from the full range of the resources rather than being limited to the local ones. With the development of its services, OPERAS will build a transnational access to scholarly communication resources available to researchers across the European Research Area and integrate its service into the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) marketplace as soon as they are ready.

To understand better the OPERAS’ services portfolio, we defined serveral categories for the services:

Metrics Service

Analytics Services

Metrics Portal
Metrics Service that collects usage and impact metrics related to published Open Access content

Discovery Service

Discovery Services

GoTriple Discovery Platform for social sciences and humanities publications, researcher profiles, and projects.
Pathfinder Logo
Pathfinder Platform for Academic Publishing.

Research for Society Service

Research for Society Services

Hypotheses logo
A platform for humanities and social sciences research blogs
Collaboration Platform where a diverse set of actors can build social science and humanities research projects together

Future Services

Future Services

Other services, such as a platform to support translation, a single access point to book reviews, a support service to publishing tools users, or a federated annotation service, are under consideration. OPERAS’ catalog of services is designed to be evolutive and complemented in the future by new services that will be identified by the research community as essential to them, validated by the OPERAS Core Group, operated by one of OPERAS’ members, and funded for development and operation by OPERAS’ funding stakeholders.

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