Coordination Team

Coordinator (Community)

Pierre Mounier

Pierre supports cooperation between OPERAS members and contributes to the strategic roadmap of the infrastructure. He is trained in classical studies and social anthropology. Pierre is affiliated to the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS); he is deputy director of OpenEdition, the French national infrastructure dedicated to open scholarly communication in the SSH, and co-director of the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB). He regularly publishes on digital humanities and open science topics, and more largely on the social and political impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

Coordinator (Partnerships)

Suzanne Dumouchel
Suzanne Dumouchel

Suzanne develops and supports OPERAS partnerships strategy. She holds a PhD in French Literature. Working at the Department of Open Research Data at CNRS as Head of International Cooperation, she has been the scientific coordinator of TRIPLE project ( which developed the Gotriple platform. Director of the EOSC Association, Suzanne is deeply involved in the Open Science initiative, from two perspectives: SSH and infrastructures.

Secretary General

Yannick Legré
Yannick Legré
Photo by Lysia Bouchéras: @lysia_photographie

Yannick Legré is Secretary General of OPERAS and is based in Brussels. In the role of Secretary General, he is responsible for the daily management of OPERAS AISBL, to support OPERAS’ members in developing the OPERAS National Nodes and liaising with the ministries and, to propel OPERAS forward on its path to becoming an even more well-established and influential Research Infrastructure in Europe and eventually an ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium). Yannick was the Director of until December 2019 and was senior consultant for various European SMEs since then. Formerly he was a senior research engineer at the French National Scientific Research Centre – Grid and Cloud Institute (CNRS-IdGC) and holds a Master of Science in Information Technology (MScIT) and a degree in Law (LL.L). Over the last 20+ years, Yannick has been involved in more than 60 projects in the areas of e-Infrastructures, healthcare and biomedical research, as well as biodiversity and environmental research.

Chief Technology Officer

Sy Holsinger

Sy is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), employed by the OPERAS AISBL. In the role of CTO, he is in charge of the technical vision and service strategy, coordinating the teams behind the solutions, and aligning with the overall organisational strategy to ensure the delivery, sustainability, efficiency, and effectiveness of the OPERAS portfolio of services. Previous to OPERAS, Sy spent more than fifteen years in EU-funded projects related to the development and implementation of e-Infrastructures for research and innovation as well leading commercial exploitation such as in the series of EGEE projects, EGI flagship projects, EOSC-hub and EOSC Future projects. In addition, he is a certified expert, trainer and auditor (ISO 19011) in both FitSM (Service Management) and ISO/IEC 27001 (Information Security) standards, and volunteers as Co-chair of ITEMO (IT Education Management Organization) to evolve the FitSM standard. Sy studied Business Communications and Management in the U.S.

Citizen Science Officer

Alessia Smaniotto

Alessia develops citizen science projects and services for the OPERAS community. She is trained in philosophy, journalism and sociology in Italy and France and she holds a PhD in Philosophy of Social Sciences at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS). Her doctoral research focused on journalism as a form of knowledge. Her work for OpenEdition focuses on scientific communication and collaboration between research in the SSH. She coordinated the PLACES project, granted by the French Ministry of Culture, focused on the collaboration between researchers and journalists, and is managing the COESO project, funded by the European Commission, to further upgrade the OPERAS Research for Society Service. Before joining OpenEdition, Alessia worked as a journalist.

FAIR Data Officer

Arnaud Gingold

Arnaud ensures data consistency and the application of the FAIR principles throughout OPERAS. With a dual background in linguistics and digital resources management, he started working in university ibraries and was a digital curator for a CNRS Open Archive. He joined OPERAS in 2016 as a Technical Coordinator for the related HIRMEOS project and is based at OpenEdition in Marseille, France. Arnaud is also project manager for CO-OPERAS.

Communication Manager

Judith Schulte
Judith Schulte (schulte[at]

Judith is in charge of the communication for OPERAS. She has a background in art history, German language and media computer science and holds a PhD in art history on a photojournalism topic with a scholarship of the a.r.t.e.s. Graduate School for the Humanities Cologne. Since 2016, she is working in the digital editing office perspectivia of the Max Weber Stiftung – German Humanities Institutes Abroad. Before she worked for the computing team at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies and a German publishing house.

Community Manager

Karla Avanco

Karla Avanço (karla.avanco[at]

Karla Avanço is the community manager of OPERAS. With a PhD in linguistics, she reoriented to natural language processing and currently works with the diffusion and adoption of FAIR principles. She has experience in linguistics, scientific translation, and academic publication. She is based at OpenEdition in Marseille, France.

Chief Finance & Administration Officer

Céline Bitoune

Céline Bitoune is OPERAS’ Chief Finance & Administration Officer. Céline has 24 years of experience in managing more than 50 European Commission-funded projects. She is a certified expert and auditor (ISO 19001) in FitSM (Service Management) and Foundation in ISO/IEC 27001 (Information Security). Before joining OPERAS, she served the EGI Foundation as CFO for 10 years, advising the Directors and Executive Board on the financial management of the EU projects and the EGI Foundations. In the OPERAS Coordination Team, Céline works closely with the Secretary General of OPERAS, Yannick Legré, to manage the Research Infrastructure’s strategic and daily operations, such as the organisation’s financial, budgeting, administrative processes; financial and administrative coordination of OPERAS AISBL; analysis of resources; planning and business plan development for the transition to an ERIC legal structure; and the application and maintenance of certifications, audits, quality and risk controls.

Liaison to OPERAS National nodes

Drahomira Cupar

Drahomira acts as a liaison between OCT and OPERAS National nodes communities. She is an assistant professor and currently acts as a vice-Chair at the Department of Information Sciences at the University of Zadar, Croatia. Drahomira obtained her PhD in Information sciences in 2013. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in scholarly communication and academic writing, classification and subject indexing and sociology of books and reading. She is a member of professional organisations: IFLA (Information coordinator for the SAA Section), Croatian Library Association, Croatian Reading Association, ISKO UK (International Society for Knowledge Organization), and co-director of the international scientific LIDA conference. She is a deputy Editor-in-Chief of a diamond Open Access peer-reviewed journal Libellarium.