A Project to Enhance Links between the European Research Infrastructure OPERAS and the German Scientific Landscape


On the 1st of October 2020 OPERAS-GER started its work as a national node of the European research infrastructure project OPERAS in Germany. The project is initially planned for the duration of 3 years and conducted by the Max Weber Stiftung (also member of the Executive Assembly).

The development of national nodes is an important step for OPERAS. OPERAS, with its purpose to support open scholarly communication, has already become a known and relevant distributed infrastructure in the field of social sciences and humanities. Since 2020, OPERAS has been organized as a legal entity. To strengthen the bond between the European and national (or regional) levels more successfully, it is strategically important to communicate the services towards national communities more efficiently and to increase the intake of community feedback at the same time.

The aim of OPERAS-GER is to transfer the objectives and services of the project from the European level to the national level, and therefore primarily to enhance awareness of OPERAS in Germany. As an initiative, it contributes to enhancing links between European research infrastructures and members of the German scientific landscape who are active in the area of social sciences and humanities. The services, which are being developed at a European level, will be presented and made available to the German research landscape within the framework of the OPERAS-GER project. Simultaneously, the needs of the German scientific community should be integrated at a European level.

Furthermore, through the OPERAS Executive Assembly members, approaches to implement national nodes are arising in several countries. Nevertheless, OPERAS-GER is the first funded start of a national node in the form of an official project.

Duration: 10/2020 until 09/2023

Conducted by: Max Weber Stiftung

Funding: Financed by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Main activities:

  • developing information material for the German community (including setting up a Twitter channel and blog)
  • organising workshops and talks to present the services and collect requirements from the German research community
  • presenting OPERAS at several national events and conferences

Contact person for further questions: Marlen Töpfer at operas-ger[a]maxweberstiftung.de

More information: https://operas-ger.hypotheses.org/ or follow @OPERAS_GER on Twitter