July 2022-June 2025

Sponsored by the Mellon Foundation

This project aims to formalize the Data Trust effort’s community-governance mechanisms, quantify data trust participation benefits in terms of an ROI, and understand the full operational costs related to international data space for OA book usage. . In addition to establishing mechanisms to coordinate global community governance, infrastructure and stakeholder engagement, a scalable budgetary model will be created. Most importantly, community workshops and consultations will be facilitated to create a multilateral data-processing and stewardship rule book for the OA book usage data trust participation. Project outputs will pave the way for: 1) the transparent, trusted processing of open and privileged usage data, 2) streamlined usage data aggregation, and 3) ethical usage data benchmarking.

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Principal Investigators

  • Christina Drummond, University of North Texas
  • Paolo Manghi, OpenAIRE
  • Yannick Legré, OPERAS

Advisory Board Members

  • Brian O’Leary, Book Industry Study Group (BISG)
  • Charles Watkinson, University of Michigan Press
  • Jo Lambert, JISC Usage Statistics Portal and Institutional Repository Usage Statistics (IRUS-UK)
  • Jon Elwell, EBSCO
  • Maria Zucker, De Gruyter
  • Niels Stern, OAPEN and the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB)
  • Peter Potter, Towards an Open Monograph Ecosystem (TOME)
  • Tasha Mellins-Cohen, Project COUNTER
  • Vivian Berghahn – Berghahn Books

Project’s Vision

Community Governed Sharing of Quality, Interoperable, Open Access (OA) Book Usage Data


To champion strategies for the improved publication and management of open-access books by exchanging reliable usage data in a trusted, equitable, and community-governed way.