OPERAS AISBL, Quai aux Briques 76 · 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

Legal Status:

OPERAS is an international not-for-profit association (AISBL), established under Belgian law on non-for-profit associations, international non-for-profit associations and foundations of 27 June 1921, as amended by the Law of 2 May 2002. As an AISBL, OPERAS pursues a non-profit purpose of international utility.

OPERAS AISBL has been established by Royal Decree in 2020 under the name of OPEN ACCESS IN THE EUROPEAN AREA THROUGH SCHOLARLY COMMUNICATION (in short OPERAS).

Website and External Communication:

Judith Schulte

E-Mail: — Phone: +49 228 37786-18 — Fax: +49 228 37786-19

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