GraspOS —  next Generation Research Assessment to Promote Open Science

The GraspOS project (next Generation Research Assessment to Promote Open Science) is funded for three years under the Horizon Europe Research Infrastructures programme (, from January 2023 until December 2025.

GraspOS sets out the ambitious goal to develop, assess and put into operation an open and trusted federated infrastructure for next generation research metrics and indicators, offering data, tools, services and guidance to support and enable policy reforms for research assessment at researcher (individual/group), institutional, organisational and country level.

The concept behind GraspOS is to build the European Federated Open Metrics Infrastructure in a decentralised way, where: different types of data come together to create metrics; tools and services are developed to improve EU or global infrastructures but are also shared with national or institutional monitoring platforms; indicators and assessment protocols are developed, tested and shared. A metrics infrastructure that by its nature supports research organisations and communities to design their own paths on how to include OS in their RRA protocols and that they select solutions that meet their needs and may apply them at their own controlled environment and own pace. The end result would be to bring a sense of openness and consistency in the metrics domain, which would also allow diversity in assessment and innovation in meta-research. 

In the project, OPERAS focuses on helping in the establishment of the OSAF framework (WP2), contributing to the delivery of tools and services to assist responsible research assessment (WP3) and the respective federated infrastructure (WP4), and leading the social sciences and humanities related research community pilots.


For more information, go to the GraspOS webpage: