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Max Weber Stiftung – MWS

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MWS is one of the leading agencies supporting German research in the humanities abroad. It is a legal entity closely linked to the German Federal Government located in Bonn. It comprises ten humanities research institutes around the world, which provide a bridge function between the host nations and Germany and play an important role in the international science scene. Being a multi-polar network, the institutes collaborate in the promotion of the internationalization of science. The foundation’s goal is to promote research with a focus on history, culture, economic and social sciences in selected countries and a mutual understanding between Germany and the host countries.

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Georg-August-University Göttingen – UGOE

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Göttingen State and University Library (SUB) is one of the largest libraries in Germany and a leader in the development of digital libraries. UGOE is one of the leading open access institutions and e-Infrastructure innovators in Germany and internationally. UGOE establishes dedicated research environments for the humanities in national, European and ESFRI activities; notably, it held the management (together with France) and technical coordination (together with Austria) within the construction phase of the ESFRI project DARIAH, resulting in the ERIC DARIAH-EU. These and other projects address organizational and technical aspects such as virtual research environments and research infrastructures for scientific data (e-Research), research data management, data curation and long-term preservation (e.g. PERICLES, German Federation for the Curation of Biological Data). Via the University press, UGOE is either associated or networked to publishing associations such as AEUP, OASPA, OAPEN library, the working group of German-speaking university presses and the US-based Library Publishing Coalition.

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Knowledge Unlatched – KU

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Knowledge Unlatched works to implement a collaborative business model that enables libraries to support the publishing of monographs via existing publishers (especially university presses) by paying for the fixed publication costs in exchange for the books being issued on an Open Access licence. KU works collaboratively with a number of organisations including over 400 libraries in 25 countries. KU not only works towards opening up access to humanities and social science research monographs it also acts as an advocacy network supporting other OA initiatives around the world.

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