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Since 2006 the National Library of Sweden (NLS) has worked with advancing open access to scholarly output. In 2017, the NLS received an appropriation directive from the Swedish Government to act as a national coordinating body in the work towards a transition to open access to scholarly publications.

The national goal is that all scientific publications resulting from research financed with public funds should be published immediately open access and that research data, on which the scholarly publication is based, should be made open access together with the publication.The national approach is that the products of research must meet the FAIR principles as far as possible, that scientific publications arising from publicly funded research should be openly accessible immediately on publication, and that the cost of scientific publication must be transparent. The transition to open access to scholarly publications, research data and artistic works should be fully implemented in 2026 at the latest. It is a shared responsibility for all stakeholders within the research system to work towards the goal. Also, the Government states that clear incentives and mechanisms are needed in order to encourage researchers to publish their research output immediately open access.

In 2019, The National Library of Sweden was also assigned to create a national platform for scholarly journals in Sweden aiming to publish with open access to encourage the transition to open science and open access. This national platform aims to facilitate the transition in general to open science and specifically towards an open access publishing system.

For more information visit: www.kb.se

Stockholm University Library

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Stockholm University was founded in 1878 with the ambition to reinvent higher education in Sweden. From the beginning, close contact with the wider world as well as the active exchange of knowledge and experience have been integral to this vision. With a global perspective and through partnerships with others, Stockholm University contributes to the development of knowledge. Education and research within human science and science in the international frontline, as well as interdisciplinary work, make this possible. We make knowledge accessible to everyone through dialogue and participation in public debate and the development of society.

For more information visit: su.se/english/library and stockholmuniversitypress.se