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National Documentation Centre – EKT

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Founded in 1980, EKT was formerly part of the National Hellenic Research Foundation (EIE). Since 2019, EKT is a legal entity with a public service mission governed by private law and supervised by Ministry of Digital Governance. EKT operates as a knowledge provider for policy makers, the research community and other stakeholders. Its core mission is to collect, aggregate and preserve digital content from selected and highly credible sources, caring for proper documentation to increase content dissemination and reuse from a variety of users. Also, EKT takes part in the formulation of the national strategy for Open Science and Open Access. EKT is officially engaged in the field of Statistics and Policy Monitoring. As a National Authority of the European Statistical System, it impartially collects, analyses and makes available statistics and accurate information relating to the Greek Research and Innovation System, actors and outputs. Transforming data to meaningful information, EKT provides valuable knowledge for the support of evidence-based decision and policy making. Committed to the promotion of innovation, as National Contact Point for European Research and Innovation Programmes, and Coordinator of the Enterprise Europe Network-Hellas, EKT supports research teams and enterprises to access EU funding and develop innovative products and services. EKT’s e-infrastructures for research place particular focus to the needs of SSH researchers (e.g. the epublishing services, services for a single access point to the metadata of all digitized cultural material in Greece, SaaS repository services etc.).

For more information visit: ekt.gr