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Exploring Citizen Science: Can research and society be (re)connected?

In the last episode of this first season of Exploring Citizen Science, Alexander wraps up the content of the project. But more importantly, he tries to answer the questions he set out originally, in episode 1. So: can citizen science help restore trust in experts in our societies? What is the “responsibility” of scientists themselves in this process and does citizen science change their perspective? How can we – meaning institutions, but maybe anyone – help citizen science grow as a practice?

As part of the CNI (Coalition for Networked Information) Pre-Recorded Project Briefing series, in 14 minutes Christina Drummond (the OAEBUDT Executive Director) provided an overview of the effort’s history and future.

Listen to the Open Science Talk podcast episode featuring Pierre Mounier on “The whys and whats of OPERAS”.

What is OPERAS and how do we work together? Learn more about our vision from the Portuguese perspective:


OPERAS Innovation Lab:

OPERAS Publishing Service Portal, the Pathfinder:

The OA Diamond Journals Study presented on April 9, 2021.

Elena Giglia, Head of the Open Access Office at the University of Turin, was invited to present the work of the CO-OPERAS Implementation Network and ALLEA at the Open Science Conference 2020 in Berlin.

Elena Giglia: Humanities and Data: listening to the communities on the path towards FAIRness

You can find here the presention slides: 10.5281/zenodo.3755504.

For further questions, please contact Elena Giglia (elena.giglia[a]unito.it).

Elena Giglia presenting “Open Access Infrastructure in the Humanities and Social Sciences” as part of the Open Science Mooc.

Elena Giglia: Open Access Infrastructures in the Humanities and Social Sciences